Bond Information

Proposition KIDS

The Prairie Home R-V School District will be running a no tax rate increase bond on the April 5th, 2022 ballot. Currently, we have a presentation board with the projected improvements at Duncan’s Diner. Please use link to see our presentation board:

  We are working to provide more information about the projects and bond information. We hope to have a presentation at the school during the month of March to give more information. We have created a brochure with more information that we will be printing and sending out very soon. For right now, please use link to see our informational brochure:

 Our building committee’s goal is to create a storm shelter, improve safety/security of our students and staff, and create better access to restrooms throughout the building. We believe that these projects allow us to reach all of these goals. Please contact Mr. Scott Gemes with any questions. You may contact him through school phone number, (660) 841-5296, or email him at