The District will participate in the Missouri Course Access Program. The program offers District students the opportunity to enroll in virtual School courses in a variety of grade level and content areas as set in Regulation 6190 of Instructional Services. Any on-line courses or virtual programs offered by the District must be approved and meet course program requirements. The district will annually permit any eligible student, under the age of 21 who resides in the District provided that the student is a full-time student and has attended at least on full semester immediately prior to enrolling in the program. Prior to enrolling in the Program course has received District approval through procedures set out in Regulation 6190. Each Program course successfully completed will count as one class and will receive that portion of a full time equivalent that a comparable course offered by the District generates. All classes will be taken on school premises unless due to medical or psychological condition with approval from the administration and board of education.

If a student is denied enrollment in the program the district will inform the parents of their right to appeal to the school Board’s decision at a closed meeting of the Board of Education within 30 days to set an appeal hearing. If you are not satisfied with the Board’s decision, you may appeal to the Commissioner of Education at 201 Jefferson Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101. The Department will render a decision within 7 days of receipt of the appeal. The Department’s decision is final.

Open Enrollment Dates: For Fall Semester : May 1 until August 15th; For Spring Semester: November 1st until December 1.

  • Virtual course participation must be approved by the appropriate building principal prior to enrollment.