Jennifer Alpers

Birthday: September 3rd 1982

Color: green

Snack: chips
Sweets: any candy that contains chocolate
Flower: any
Scent: lilac
Drink: Mtn. Dew
Candy: Kit Kat, Reeses, peanut m&ms
Shopping: Walmart or Target
Restaurant: Anything

Wishlist for classroom: Books 
Hobbies: Movies and sports

Amber Bolin
Birthday: August 22


  • Color: Magenta & Orange : )

  • Snack: Trail mix, Popcorn, Almonds, Oranges

  • Sweets: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dark Chocolate

  • Flower:  Tulips, Mixed bouquets

  • Scent: Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla

  • Drink:  Lemonade or Tea

  • Candy:  Kit Kat, Snickers, Almond Joy

  • Place to shop:  TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Old Navy

  • Restaurant:  Chipotle, Texas Roadhouse

Wishlist For My Classroom:  Anything Art Oriented : )
Hobbies: Crocheting, sewing
Anything Else: I love the season Fall & Pumpkins

Nichole Bruce
Birthday: 7/20


  • Color: purple

  • Snack: whales, slim jims, beef jerky, cashews

  • Sweets: anything chocolate

  • Flower: Daisy, Sunflower

  • Scent: Vanilla Bean

  • Drink: Coffee, Dr. Pepper

  • Candy: Lindt Lindor Chocolate, Snickers, Reeses, Payday

  • Shopping: Target, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby

  • Restaurant: Anything steak, Mexican, Coffee Shops, McAlister’s

Wishlist for Classroom: Magnetic Tiles/Sticks, Playdoh, Wobble Stools, Cardstock, Construction Paper

Hobbies: Racing, cricut, outdoors

Christa Brueckner
Birthday: December 6th


  • Color:  teal, mauve

  • Snack:  cashews, popcorn, strawberry twizzlers

  • Sweets: chocolate chip cookies

  • Flower:  all of them

  • Scent:  Lavender, Linen

  • Drink:  Pepsi, sweet tea or lemonade

  • Candy:  sugar free turtles, m&ms (all flavors)

  • Place to shop:  Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble

  • Restaurant:  Buerkeys BBQ, Duncan Dinner, Subway

Wishlist For My Classroom:  CD player for books on cd,  large old tractor tires for playground climbing or as individual flower/vegetable beds for science, and we can use fertilized duck or chicken eggs to hatch in class.

Hobbies:  outdoor activities, reading on my kindle

Jessica Chapins
Birthday: 8/8/91


  • Color: dark blue

  • Snack: tortilla chips & salsa

  • Sweets: chocolate chip cookies

  • Flower: sunflowers and carnations

  • Scent: cinnamon

  • Drink: iced coffee

  • Candy: Reese’s peanut butter cups or Snickers

  • Shopping: Michaels

  • Restaurant: Olive Garden

Hobbies: Paper crafting, scrapbooking, cooking and baking

Anything Else: I enjoy Harry Potter and Doctor Who

Samuel Fessehay
Birthday: 2/6/1997


  • Color: green

  • Snack: beef jerky

  • Sweets: see candy

  • Flower: 

  • Scent: 

  • Drink: fruit punch

  • Candy: twix, cruch

  • Shopping: Wal-mart

  • Restaurant: Shakespeare’s Pizza, any place with a good burger

Wishlist for Classroom: Chair Rack

Hobbies: Basketball, video games

Kaitlyn Gebhard
Birthday: 3/17/1996


  • Color: purple and green

  • Snack: sun chips

  • Sweets: cookies

  • Flower: sunflowers, daffodils, roses

  • Scent: lavender, sandalwood, amber, sage, blackberry, cinnamon

  • Drink: water

  • Candy: Milky Way

  • Place to shop: Walmart, Amazon

  • Restaurant: Red Lobster

Wishlist For My Classroom: labels, teacher tape

Hobbies: kayaking, hiking, yoga, reading, video games, watching TV/movies

Anything Else: I have 8 pets - dogs, cats, snakes, and geckos!

Scott Gemes


  • Color: Red

  • Snack: Peanuts

  • Sweets: Fruit Pies

  • Flower: n/a

  • Scent: Vanilla

  • Drink: Diet Mt. Dew

  • Candy: Sweet Tarts

  • Place to shop: Walmart

  • Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings

Hobbies: Golf, Watching Sporting events (KC Royals and Chiefs)

Karma Haller
Birthday: 7/7


  • Color: Blue

  • Snack: Chex Mix

  • Sweets: Iced Sugar Cookies

  • Flower: Lily of the Valley

  • Scent: Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret

  • Drink: Diet Mountain Dew

  • Candy: Heath Bar

  • Place to Shop: Maurices, Dillards

  • Restaurant: Red Lobster

Pam Holbrook
Birthday: 2/20


  • Color: Purple

  • Snack: Cheese-its, Mixed Nuts

  • Sweets: Zucchini Bread, Yellow Cake w/ Fudge Frosting

  • Flower: Daisy, Rose

  • Scent: Fresh Linen

  • Drink: Unsweet Tea

  • Candy: Reese’s, Payday, Mentos Gum (peppermint)

  • Place to shop: Walmart, Torrid, Hyvee, Target, Nike

  • Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse, Red Lobster, Applebee’s, Shakespeare’s Pizza

Wishlist for Classroom: Book - Night by Elie Weizel - 25 copies
Book - Speak by Lori Halse Anderson - 20 copies
Book - Sign of the Beaver - 20 copies
Personal Book - Gillian by Frank Yerby
Personal Book - The Girl from Storyville by Frank Yerby

Hobbies: collecting anything KC Chiefs, blue carnival glass, sewing, reading, gardening

Aaron Inmon


  • Color: Black

  • Snack: peanuts

  • Sweets: Apple pie

  • Flower: Rose

  • Scent: Vanilla

  • Drink: Coffee

  • Candy: Milkyway

  • Place to shop: Amazon

  • Restaurant:

Hobbies: Writing, hiking, fishing, and canoeing

Lori Kostopolus


Color: blue
Snack: fruit
Sweets: fruit
Flower: carnation
Scent: orange/lemon
Drink: Diet Coke
Candy: Jolly Ranchers
Place to shop: Dollar Tree
Restaurant: any

Wishlist For My Classroom: Sharpies, white or colored cardstock, mechanical pencils

Hobbies: art, designing personal planners

Anything Else: more jeans days

Leah Lorenz
Birthday: 1/30/1976

Color: pink
Snack: boom chicka pop popcorn
Sweets: peanut butter or chocolate chip cookies
Flower: anything
Scent: lilac
Drink: water
Candy: reeces
Place to shop: Hobby Lobby or Target
Restaurant: Chili’s

Wishlist For My Classroom: scholastic books

Hobbies: reading

Tashia Martin
Birthday: December 14


  • Color:  Teal

  • Snack:  Slim Jim, Jalapenos Cheetos

  • Sweets:  Brownies

  • Flower:  Any

  • Scent:  Anything but coconut

  • Drink:  Pepsi

  • Candy:  Skittles

  • Place to shop:  Amazon

  • Restaurant:  Texas Roadhouse

Wishlist For My Classroom:  Books

Hobbies:  Cards, board games, sports, CHIEFS

Taylor Muri
Birthday: 12/1/1993


  • Color: purple

  • Snack: beef jerky

  • Sweets: Ice cream 

  • Flower: 

  • Scent: Fall 

  • Drink: Cappuccino 

  • Candy: twix, Sour Patch Kids

  • Shopping: Hobby Lobby

  • Restaurant: Mexican 

Wishlist for Classroom: Laminator

Hobbies: Horseback Riding, Hunting/Fishing 

Vicki Nave
Birthday: November 11


  • Color: purple

  • Snack: pop tarts (no frosting)

  • Sweets: soft cookies

  • Flower: any

  • Scent: evergreen/fir, vanilla

  • Drink: coffee or sweet tea

  • Candy: peanut M&Ms, reese’s pieces

  • Place to shop: Amazon, Yankee Candle

  • Restaurant: Subway, Maggie's, Breadeaux

Hobbies: reading, cooking, netflix

Cory Neal
Birthday: 3/20/1995


  • Color: orange

  • Snack: doritos

  • Sweets: reese's

  • Flower: anything

  • Scent: clean smells

  • Drink: tea

  • Candy: anything chocolate

  • Place to shop: Barnes and Noble

  • Restaurant: TGI Fridays

Wishlist For My Classroom: any fidgets, gadgets, coloring books, crayons, stuff like that...

Hobbies: reading, movies, hiking, outdoorsy stuff, traveling

Melody Paulson
Birthday: 2/15


  • Color:  Green

  • Snack:  De-shelled sunflower seeds

  • Sweets:  Chocolate

  • Flower:  Gerber Daisy

  • Scent:  Vanilla

  • Drink:  Water Only

  • Candy:  York Peppermint Patty MInts

  • Place to shop:  Bath & Body Works

  • Restaurant:  Maggie's

Wishlist For My Classroom:  Pencils and students who behave!

Hobbies:  Walking

Marie Pope
Birthday: August 17th

Color: Purple
Snack: Trailmix
Sweets: Brownies
Flower: Tulip
Scent: Vanilla
Drink: Arnold Palmer
Candy: Twix
Place to shop: Dollar Tree
Restaurant: Taco Bell

Wishlist For My Classroom: Plug-in Airwick Smelly Pod Things

Hobbies: Reading, gardening

Susan Powell
Birthday: 6/27


  • Color: purple

  • Snack: Peanut M&Ms

  • Sweets: PayDay

  • Flower: Roses

  • Scent: 

  • Drink: Strawberry Limeade or Diet Pepsi

  • Candy:

  • Shopping: Walmart

  • Restaurant: Taco Bell, Arby’s, 

Wishlist for Parents as Teachers: Books to hand out to families

Hobbies: mushroom hunting

Janice Rentel
Birthday: April 18


  • Color:  Blue

  • Snack:  Popcorn or Mixed Nuts

  • Sweets:  Cheesecake

  • Flower:  African Violet

  • Scent:  Lilac

  • Drink:  Water

  • Candy:  Zero or Heath Bars

  • Place to shop:  Walmart

  • Restaurant:  None

Hobbies:  Fishing, Reading, Crocheting, Crafting

Kelsay Schrader
Birthday: March 1st


  • Color: purple  

  • Snack: cheez-its, doritos, anything salty!

  • Sweets: chocolate chip cookies, chocolate brownies, cookie dough ice cream  

  • Flower: lilly 

  • Scent: lavender, vanilla

  • Drink: red gatorade, Dr. Pepper  

  • Candy: reese’s 

  • Place to shop: Amazon, Target 

  • Restaurant:  Texas Roadhouse

Wishlist For My Classroom:  storage bins, shelves

Hobbies: swimming, spending time with my family and friends, spending time with my pups, working out 

Sheila Williams
Birthday: 6/26/1971


  • Color: royal blue

  • Snack: summer sausage

  • Sweets:

  • Flower: peony

  • Scent: mulled cider

  • Drink: diet Dr. Pepper

  • Candy: reeses

  • Place to shop: Hobby Lobby or Target

  • Restaurant: Chili’s

Debbie Wilson
Birthdate: August 10


Color: Red
Snack: Doritos
Sweets: Little Debbie Swiss Rolls
Flower: Tulip
Scent: Vanilla
Drink: Root Beer
Candy: PB M&Ms
Place to shop: Amazon
Restaurant: Applebee’s

Wishlist For My Classroom: Dry Erase Markers

Hobbies: Puzzles, Gaming, Reading

Anything Else: I love Mary Englebreit