Spelling Bee

Last month before Christmas Break all of our 5th through 8th grade students participated in our local school Spelling Bee. Ms. Martin put on a great school Spelling Bee with the help of Mrs. Schrader, Mrs.  Lorenz, Coach Ray, and Ms. Bolin. We believe the kids enjoyed the spirited competition or at least enjoyed  getting  out of class for a little while.

Parker Gerdt was our overall winner at school. Great job Parker! Here are the rest of the results.

1st place: Abbee Gann
2nd place: Blake Gerke
3rd place: Ruth Hodges
4th place: Xavier Cantrell

1st place: Miley Brown
2nd place: Lilli Moon
3rd place: Joshua Porterfield
4th place: Fatimah Alabini

1st place: Cooper Scott
2nd place: Justice Case
3rd place: Cris Gomez
4th place: Vincent Foster

1st place: Parker Gerdt
2nd place: Bowen Force
3th place: Jordyn Alpers
4th place: 

The top two finishers in each grade will compete in the CCAA Conference Spelling Bee tomorrow in Jamestown. The Spelling Bee begins at 4:00 PM.

Great job kids, and good luck!!!