After meeting with DESE and attending law conference this week, we will need to make some changes to our plan. We will repost the plan very soon. One of the major changes is Prairie Home R-V will require mask to be worn on school bus. Below is the statement from our guidance from DESE:

School Buses– Masks Required per CDC Order

Per a federal order issued by the CDC, masks are required on public and private school buses and other forms of public transportation for both passengers and drivers. Learn more here, including the applicable exclusions and exemptions. Per this CDC order, if a student attends a school where mask use is not required due to vaccination status (e.g., a high school with a high rate of vaccination), the student is still required to wear a mask on the school bus. Schools should provide masks to those students who need them (including on buses), such as students who forgot to bring their mask or whose families are unable to afford them. Neither LEAs nor LPHAs have discretion regarding this federal order.  

If you have any question, then please contact Mr. Gemes at (660) 841-5296 or sgemes@prairiehome.k12.mo.us